Questions and Answers

Simply put, cost savings. For a small set-up fee, plus $1/meter, you get a personalized survey for your community. And you won’t need to enter the data twice!

While communities and people differ in their level of comfort with an online survey, other similar community-based surveys have shown the ability to capture upwards of 75% of respondents. We also provide you with a printed version of the survey for in-person data collection.

If the property owner is at the premise, it will take him or her about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Absolutely! Community Tap is constantly building new tools to help communities, large and small, leverage the power of technology to facilitate efficiencies and allow communities to focus on other tasks.

Results can be provided in several methods. At the end of the survey period that you specify, we will provide a text file that can be brought into tools like Microsoft Excel, or other premise management systems to facilitate the compliance of the national EPA public water systems survey. Additionally, we can provide other reports, depending upon your requirements. Be sure to let your representative know about any additional needs or requirements.

In an effort to maintain security, we only maintain the survey results online during the period of the survey. After that period elapses, the results will be delivered offline.